The administration insure activities to support the research for all the research teams accommodated on the site.

1. Administration and financial services

  • The financial services collect, control and validate all the order forms for the research Lab U1051 and the platforms of the institute.
    The administrators insure the follow-up of the budgetary execution of the financial resources, the common ones and for each research team present in the INM.

Contact: Bonnet Audrey, Barthoux Agnès, Aurore Castillo


  • This service manages also the travels in missions, in France and abroad, for all the agents of the Institute and the invited visitors.

Contact: Barthoux Agnès


  • Staff management: this department deals with the administrative management for all the staff of INM, researchers, engineers, administrators, students and trainees.

Contact: Ouallet Blandine


2. Reception and communication

  • The agent in charge of the reception of the Institute controls the entrance to the building, welcomes the visitors, helps them find their way. She assures the phone switchboard and the post mail. She is also in charge of the internal communications and participates in the organization of the scientific animation and the communications actions.

Contact: Ben Ollol Martine


3. Store

  • This service is in charge of the reception and the distribution of every parcel from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm by an access delivery in an underground floor in the back of the building. The store manages a stock of consumables of laboratory, specific scientific products, hygiene and stationery articles.

Contact: Pigois-Bouazama Chloé, Ben Ollol Martine


The common technical services insure all the activities to support the research for all the research teams on the site.


4. Laundry – preparation for biology

  • This service ensures the collection, the cleaning, the sterilization and the distribution of the laboratory dishes and the small laboratory equipment. The technician realizes preparations of solutions for the technical plateforms.

Contact: Fougère Rachel

5. Logistics and maintenance of the building

  • The technician organizes and ensures small room fitting works, offices and working rooms. He also brings a logistic help for the material of preparation in biology and the sterilisation as well as a support to the logistics of the store.

Contact: Bonnet Jérémy

6. IT

  • This department is responsible for systems and network administration, as well as user support. It manages the fleet and purchases hardware and licenses.

Contact: Duhamel Richard