The Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM) is an Inserm-University of Montpellier Joint Research Unit, directed by Pr Sylvain Lehmann, and whose themes are related to the development and physiopathology of the central and peripheral nervous system, including sensory organs, and with related pathologies of genetic and environmental origins.

It is composed of 8 teams, including 2 ATIP-Avenir teams:

  • VISION: Inherited visual diseases - from genetics to therapy / Head: Ms Vasiliki KALATZIS

  • HEARING: Deafness, tinnitus and therapies / Head: Mr Jean-Luc PUEL

  • SENSATION: Somatosensori-cerebellar circuit plasticity and development / Head: Mr Fabrice ANGO

  • NEUROPEPS: Neurocognition: Prediction, Environment, Prevention, Sleep / Head: Mr Yves DAUVILLIERS

  • MOTONEURON: Motoneuron Disease : Physiopathology And Therapy / Head: Mr Cédric RAOUL

  • PROTEINOPATHIES: Proteinopathies and neurodegenerative diseases / Head: Mr Sylvain LEHMANN

  • CORTICOGENESIS: Neural cell diversity in brain development and pathologies / Head: Karine LOULIER

  • EYE: Development and physiopathology of the eye / Head: Frédéric MICHON