General informations

Type of contract : CDD Project Engineer

Duration of the contract : 7 months

Beginning of the contract : October 2020

Laboratories : Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM, Cécile Delettre) / Institute for Fonctional Genomics (IGF, Joël Bockaert)



Implement specialized techniques for the study of new neuroprotective molecules


Main activities

  • To perform cell biology experiments: culture of primary cells (hippocampal neurons, retinal ganglion cells), survival test, measurement of neurite growth.

  • To perform molecular biology experiments (immunofluorescence),

  • animal handling: colony handling and management, injections (IV, IP and Intravitreal), study of visual function in mice (ERG, VEP, pSTR), post-mortem analyses, dissection, paraffin inclusion and cryostat, IHC


Other Activities

  • To ensure the management of stocks and orders
  • To establish the schedule for the use of specific equipment or rooms
  • To control the disposal of solid waste and effluents according to the health and safety rules of the domain
  • Laboratory maintenance: participation in common tasks of the team and the laboratory, various responsibilities....

Special working conditions

  • The work will be carried out in two different laboratories (INM and IGF)


Required knowledge

  • General knowledge of biology
  • Knowledge in cellular and molecular biology
  • Knowledge in cell culture



Control and implementation of cell biology techniques (cell culture, immunofluorescence, histology), manipulation and management of genetically modified mouse colonies

An experiment in animal experimentation (injection, functional exploration) is a plus



The following skills will be highly appreciated: motivation, rigor, organization, autonomy, reactivity, teamwork.


Diploma and experience desired

  • Diploma: Master or Bachelor
  • Animal experimentation level 2 or 1



Delettre Cécile

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