The platform Biostatistics and Epidemiology in Neurosciences is a common platform between the INM and the IGF that responds to a scientific interest of the teams of both institutes. To this end, it offers shared scientific equipment, the expertise of its statistical engineers, and an organization that guarantees methodological and statistical support to teams from both institutes. It also guarantees a quality approach.

The platform undertakes the research projects carried out by researchers and academics and selected by the steering committee. It is specialized in non-randomized observational studies (general population cohorts, clinical cohorts, studies on administrative data) for which statistical modeling is particularly complex.

Its main missions are:

  • To help writing scientific research protocols and guarantee their methodological and statistical aspects

  • To manage and maintain existing databases for monitoring clinical and general population cohorts.

  • To provide solutions for data acquisition with standardized and secure conditions

  • To perform post-acquisition quality control, ensure data consistency and lock the databases

  • To find the statistical methods best suited to research questions and monitor these methods

  • To perform statistical analyzes and present the results of the projects given to the platform

  • To supervise students and assist clinicians in the choice and use of statistical models

  • To offer training sessions and seminars on the methodology of epidemiological studies and biostatistics


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