The INM is committed to the development of eco-responsible research. The "Green INM" working group aims to initiate a reflection on the application of sustainable development principles in the laboratory. Several themes have been identified for green actions to be carried out at the INM:

Water / Energy

Decrease our consumption in general:

  • Turn off standby devices at the end of the day
  • Equip common rooms with motion detectors
  • Fight against digital pollution by choosing an eco-responsible search engine such as Lilo, Ecosia or Ecogine
  • Sorting out our emails regularly... and using external download systems for large files
  • Replacement of lighting with LED bulbs
  • INSERM is working to improve the thermal insulation, heating and air conditioning systems in the laboratory


Reducing our plastic consumption

  • Replacing single-use plastic cups with a reusable cup
  • Recycling of cone boxes
  • Provision of clogs in the L2 and functional exploration areas



  • Develop carpooling tools at the institute
  • Installation of a bike room
  • Installation of charging points for electric vehicles


Waste management

  • 100% recycling of paper, cardboard, ink cartridges and batteries


Daily life

  • Greening of the cafeteria terrace with recycled materials
  • Installation of shade sails
  • Use of eco-responsible products for cleaning and other products

Eventually, the INM's ambition will be to create a "green charter" to change our daily habits and propose alternatives to limit our ecological impact. Concrete actions will be taken to considerably reduce our carbon footprint.



Green INM Committee